How to make videos on a budget without a team, according to a new report from Goodheart Video. “You’ll get a lot of people saying they are going to hire a video production company,” said Robert Cialdini, the head of Goodheart’s Content Delivery and Distribution division. But “it’s not that simple.” “You need a video team, which is a team of five people,” Cialnini said. “It’s not a lot. It’s not something that’s going to cost you a fortune.” For Goodheart, it is a process. “A video production team will not only get you into the business, but also get you out of it,” Cialsi said. It is a way to bring together people and build a shared culture of creativity and efficiency. It also is a step in the right direction for content companies, which are increasingly turning to freelancers and video production companies. “Video production is not going away,” Calsi said, adding that he sees it becoming more common. “We need to make sure that we are not compromising our ability to make money as a video creator.” Cialhini said the process of becoming a freelancer or a video producer can be difficult. “I think the challenge for people is that it’s not really easy to build a team or a culture,” he said. Goodheart said its members are able to “bring in some people who already know each other well.” Cialsini also said that people will find the process easier once they understand that the company is working with freelancers, not a dedicated production team. “In a way, it’s a different approach,” Ciosini said, saying that freelancers will likely have a better idea of what they are doing than a team with a dedicated team. Cialsini said it is the right approach for freelancers who have a budget and are already comfortable with the process. The report also includes a video on the pros and cons of working from home versus working remotely. The company has more than 10,000 members and more than 1,000 videos in its library, which include documentaries, short films and videos for educational and health benefits. The video shows that it is not only the work that is valuable, but it is also the process and the value. The

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also discusses how the company deals with customer support.“With video production being a service industry, we understand that we’re going to have a long road […]