Alyssa Milano and Taylor Kinney’s ‘My Body is a Wonderland’ is a delightfully strange ride

When Alyssas Milano was cast as the titular heroine of a Disney animated movie, many people expected it to be a flop.

And while Milano’s character in My Body is Not a Wonderland is no longer the heroine of the film, it remains one of the most beloved Disney characters of all time.

“My Body Is a Wonderland” was originally a pilot episode for the animated series Friends.

The pilot episode was released to a relatively small audience at the end of its first season, but the show was soon picked up by Disney for a second season and continued on for a third.

The film’s success helped Disney bring its own version of My Body to life, which premiered on Netflix on March 1, 2019.

While My Body was originally created for the Netflix series, it became a hit for Milano, who also stars in the upcoming film, My Body Is Not a World.

And she says it’s not hard to see why the film has resonated with her fans.

“The thing that makes this film so great is that there is so much love and admiration for it,” Milano told The Hollywood Reporter.

“I feel like the movie is about the journey of love and acceptance.

I feel like we’re in a world where we can say, ‘We’re not a problem, we’re not an outcast, we don’t belong in the world.'”

The film has received praise from critics, and Milano says that she’s enjoyed the response from her fans and her peers.

“This is a beautiful thing, I feel that way about it,” she said.

“It’s a very human journey and it’s a journey of acceptance.

And I love that so much.

So it feels so empowering.”

Alyssah Milano (right) and Taylor Taylor in the 2016 film My Body in Wonderland.

It’s not often that a film about a child’s first love becomes an international bestseller.

But for Alysses Milano it is.

“When I saw that film, I was like, ‘Oh my god, I can’t believe I’m doing this,'” she told THR.

“There’s no way I can do this.

I’m so happy and I’m like, I’m a little bit proud.”

Milano added that she feels lucky to have had such a positive reaction from her friends and fans.

“[They] were so supportive and they were so understanding and it made me feel very proud of myself for being so open with them,” she told The Reporter.

But that’s not all that makes the film a success.

The success of the movie was also due to Milano taking the time to talk to fans about her journey.

“You can’t just have a big movie like ‘My Bodies Mother’ and then you go, ‘All right, I need to be more honest with myself,'” she said, adding that she has never felt better about her body than she did with the film.

“Alyssa is a very intelligent person and she knows how to talk about this and I think that’s really what makes this so special.”

For Milano who has a young daughter, she says that there are no limits to her desire to make her own life choices.

“At the end I have a beautiful daughter,” she explained.

“And I’m really proud of her and I want her to see her mom as the greatest.

And that’s a little like, the only thing I can think of is, ‘Well, I would really love for her to grow up to be like my mom.'”

WATCH: ‘My Mother Is a Monster’: Alyssys Milano on Life and Love with a Baby in a New Baby Book She also said that the film is about being a mother who has “no boundaries.”

“My mom is the one that is the greatest, and she’s the one who knows what’s best for the kids and her,” she added.

“That’s what I’m talking about when I say, she’s my greatest mother.”

“I am so blessed to have been able to be my mom’s best friend, my best friend’s best partner, my mommy,” Milani added.

She told THR that she is “so grateful” to be able to share that story.

“But I know that I can never give up and that’s why I’m working on this project to make sure that my journey is not the only one,” she continued.