How to make an ice cream truck look like a DJ booth

Posted April 12, 2018 08:00:56 If you’re a DJ and you want to make your ice cream stand like a bar, a booth, or a party venue, you need to be able to get the ice cream right.

For this video production assignment, I used some very basic Photoshop to make a couple of different models for the DJ booth.

I wanted the DJ to stand on his head and his arms were pointing in different directions so that he would look like he was going to be spinning his ice cream around, but with a much better balance of the legs and arms.

Then I had him walk around the room, like he would be walking through a dance floor.

The DJ booth is basically a giant ice cream bar.

It’s the only thing that you need in the video to give it that “DJ” feel.

I also wanted the ice creams to look like they were spinning on the wall behind the DJ, which was a little tricky because it looks so bad when it’s a flat screen.

Finally, I wanted to make sure that the DJ would be able see people coming in and out of the ice-cream booth.

That’s where I got the idea for the “Hip” video production.

Here’s the video I used to create the DJ-bud lights in the DJ Booth.

This is what the “DJ BUD” looks like when it is on the DJ stand.

These are the lights I used in the Hip video production as well.

You can see the DJ lights are angled slightly to make the whole thing look more like a dancefloor.

Lastly, I had the lights stand on their side so that the dancing could be more interesting.

I wanted the lights to stand in the way of the DJ.

And finally, I took the DJ’s feet off of the stand to make them look like the DJ was standing on his feet, which I think makes them look a bit more like DJ booths.

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