How to make a fake training video

A trainer’s YouTube channel has been targeted by a cyberattack that is causing some videos to appear as if they were filmed on a different platform.

The channel, called The Daily Training, has posted videos about weight loss and running, but some videos are now being shown as if filmed on the iPhone or Android platform.

Users can see the videos, which have been uploaded to The Daily, on the YouTube app.

One video shows a trainer in a training session explaining how to take a walk in the park, before a woman is seen taking her own advice.

“We can’t trust the internet when it comes to this,” the trainer says, before showing a clip of the woman walking on the grass with a piece of paper in her hand.

Another video shows the woman running while wearing a suit, with her hair combed back, in the middle of the field.

“That’s a great day at work.

You’re going to get some great workout,” she says.

“Let’s do it.”

The videos have been shared by a number of other videos on The Daily.

In one video, the woman runs on the sidewalk, while another shows her running while in a suit.

The videos were originally uploaded to December 31 but were removed from The Daily’s site after being flagged by the security company that monitors the site.

The video that appeared on TheDC, however, is still up on YouTube.

“There is a possibility of a serious cyber attack on this channel,” a spokesperson for YouTube said.

“If this occurs, we will immediately notify The Daily and will remove it immediately.”