VIDEO REVEALED: “Hillary’s Benghazi Cover-Up” in “Clinton Cash” Video Revealed!

Breitbart News is reporting that a new video released Monday by WikiLeaks has provided an unprecedented glimpse into the cover-up of the events leading up to the September 11, 2012, attacks on the US diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya.

The video, entitled “Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi Control Room” and obtained by Breitbart News, shows that in addition to the coverup of a violent protest at the embassy in which Ambassador Christopher Stevens was killed, there was also a cover-ups of the role of a private security company hired to secure the diplomatic facility in Benghazi by the US Embassy.

The company, Blackwater USA, was responsible for protecting the embassy and for maintaining security at the consulate.

The State Department initially claimed that Blackwater had not been involved in any protests, but later retracted the claim.

On March 20, 2012 the US Senate Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence concluded that the security firm was indeed involved in the security of the US consulate, but also found that the company had a “history of questionable conduct, including misconduct, that may have resulted in death or serious injury to US personnel.”

Blackwater, however, maintains that it had no involvement in the attack, and that it has been cleared by US authorities.

A representative for the State Department told Breitbart News that the State Dept. had not seen the new video and would be reviewing it.

“We do not know if it is real, but we are reviewing it and will determine if it meets our standards of authenticity,” said the spokesperson.

“The State Department does not comment on the authenticity of any video, but has not denied that it is authentic.

We are working closely with the FBI to understand the authenticity.”

The video shows Blackwater employees at the State and CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, as well as security guards at the US Consulate General in Benghazi preparing for a demonstration at the compound.

In the video, Black, dressed in black fatigues, speaks to two security guards.

“You know, you’re probably going to have to go down to the annex, and we’ll take care of that.

We’re going to put in a barricade around the annex,” Black says.

“There’s two guards in the annex.

“I’ve been on this job for eight years and I’ve never had a situation like this before.” “

If they get out of line, I don’t know if they’ll be able to get away with what they’re planning to do,” he continues.

“I’ve been on this job for eight years and I’ve never had a situation like this before.”

“It’s been a pretty stressful eight years.

I’m glad to see the guys doing their job and making the right decisions.

And that’s the way we’re supposed to do it.

They’re supposed do their job.”

In the footage, Black is seen standing in front of the Ambassador’s room, which was guarded by the company’s security personnel, including two Blackwater operatives, who are seen standing outside the room.

Black says, “We’ll put the barricade up here, right in front,” and points to the door of the diplomatic compound.

He then tells the guards, “You go in, we’ll put this barricade down.”

He then adds, “I can’t wait until the cops come in.

We’ll make sure they get away from the consulate.”

The security guard asks Black, “Are you sure you’re going in here?”

Black replies, “Yeah.”

Black then says, “[The guard] doesn’t seem to be listening to me, so I just go in there and get the door open.”

The guards then leave the room, while Black goes to a door that is marked “No Entry.”

“I’m just going in there,” Black continues.

After entering the room and seeing the Ambassador and his staff sitting on the floor, Black says to the security guards, “[I] am gonna make sure he’s safe.

I gotta go in.

They can’t get away.”

Black says he will “put this barricades up,” and then proceeds to the Ambassador, who is wearing a face mask.

Black then continues to the room where the security guard is waiting for him, with Black pointing to a wall that is “in the middle of the room.”

“Get up, you’ve got to go to the side,” Black tells the guard.

“Get out, you don’t have to leave.”

The guard then asks Black if he has the “power to kick [the Ambassador] out of the door.”

Black replies that he has “no power to kick him out of this room.”

The next thing Black sees is the Ambassador walking towards him.

“Go, go, get him out, now,” Black commands.

“He’s gonna get kicked out of here,” Black said.

The guard continues to try to kick the Ambassador out of his room.

“Do not leave, do not leave,” Black told him.

When the guard finally gets his arm around