How to Make a Star Wars Episode VII Video Script

The director of The Force Awakens, J.J. Abrams, recently shared some interesting details about how he created his first script for the new Star Wars movie, which will hit theaters on December 18.

Abrams shared that his script was the first time he ever started writing a script on a set, but he was able to get the film’s characters, locations, and more in the right place.

“You want to have a place where the story is building, and you want the characters to have their own stories,” Abrams said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

“You want the world to be as believable as possible, so the characters have a sense of place and a sense that they are in a place that they have never been before.

And I knew that I had to go back to my own set to find these places.”

It was around this time that Abrams was tasked with finding a location to shoot his characters.

“We were scouting a few of these areas in Australia,” Abrams told EW, “and we were looking at these abandoned factories, these warehouses, these buildings that were all basically abandoned.

And we had to do a lot of detective work and I had no idea what was there, so I would say we got pretty lucky in that we found a warehouse, but we were lucky in the fact that we had a little bit of a back alley.”

The warehouse that Abrams found was located on a farm in the state of Victoria.

“It was like a farmhouse in a rural area, which was very rural,” Abrams explained.

“And I found the location on this little stretch of road.

And there were just these old industrial buildings that I would take photos of.

And then we actually set up on the road and we got to shooting.”

When Abrams got the call that he was going to be directing a Star, Episode VII film, he was so excited that he wanted to start working on the script right away.

“I was really excited,” he told EW.

“Because I thought I was doing a movie that was going through a process of its own and that’s just a very different experience than working on a film that was a prequel.”

For Abrams, the film was already in motion when he decided to start writing.

“One of the things that I think is so unique about this project is that it is a movie where you are not just directing the action, you are directing the characters,” he said.

“The actors are all doing their own story.

And you are a part of that story.

I think that’s something that I really like, that you are in the shoes of these characters.”

The Force Awakens will be the third film in the Star Wars saga, following The Last Jedi and Rogue One, and the fourth installment in the franchise, which Abrams says will be one of the biggest he’s directed in his career.