‘Boomerang’ video producer to be fired after he accidentally recorded his wife’s breast-feeding

A video production software developer who accidentally recorded an intimate moment of his wife breast-feeding in front of him has been fired from his job.

Key points:Mark Tinsley, who has worked for Adobe for 17 years, recorded a clip of his mother giving birth in 2015, while his wife was breastfeeding.

He shared the footage with the company, which removed it and issued a “full apology” to the woman.

The man said he was not aware his wife had breast-fed for the first time.

Tinsley had not been charged with a crime and was cleared by the Federal Court of Australia in October.

However, his employer Adobe has been ordered to pay $12,500 to the complainant, who was found to have committed a breach of trust.

He had previously been dismissed for not maintaining a good working relationship with the complainant.

“We are incredibly disappointed that Adobe have taken this action,” said Tinsly’s lawyer, Peter Wilson.

“The company’s actions were wholly unnecessary and out of character.

The employee has been offered compensation and employment opportunities with Adobe in the future.”

The company has not commented on the matter.