Google announces ‘adr video’ production for intrigue film

Google announced today that it is developing an Intrigue-branded production and video production platform that will deliver content on an ad-supported basis.

The announcement came a day after Google announced the launch of its new ad-free version of the YouTube service, which allows users to watch videos and videos without ads.

The company says that it has developed a platform that allows the production of intrigues and other content on ad-by-product (ADP) basis.

Intrigue will feature a mix of short films and more extended pieces, with the latter being a feature that will be available for “ad-supported content creators” to work on, Google says.

The platform, Google states, will allow content creators to create videos, podcasts and other media without needing to build and maintain a separate platform.

The ad-based platform will provide “the best user experience for ad-funded content creators,” Google adds.

The initiative is part of Google’s push to become a “global content hub” that includes Google+ and other Google properties, including Google+ Photos, which has more than 25 million monthly active users.

Google also launched a new YouTube video app for Android and iOS earlier this month.